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  • Hd2o Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lens

    Get HD2O monthly contacts for just $0.27/day


"It's like laser eye surgery in a box!"

30-Day lenses that can be worn day and night. This new high quality, low cost lens is successfully replacing Acuvue, Dailies, Biofinity, Air Optix, Softlens and more.


Your custom-prescribed contact lens will ship out within 3 days from ordering that includes a recycled bag for a safe travel.

Contact lens for astigmatism and dry eyes with maximum wear.

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HD2O: Contacts, Made Affordable

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"Use them about 5 days a week, all day and night.  No complaints, great at work or any activities like running and even swimming."


"These contacts are by far the best I have ever used!  My eyes do not feel dry no matter how long I wear them for, which was a problem with my last contacts. The box typically lasts like almost a year."